Most Bizarre Phobias

9. Venustraphobia

People with this fear probably avoid TV, the Internet, magazines, and pretty-much all media. The outside world isn’t much safer though. They suffer from venustraphobia, the fear of beautiful women. Even though they’re physically attracted to pretty women, they do all they can to avoid them. The mere sight of a pretty girl incites anxiety, nervousness, shaking, and a runway of other unwanted experiences.

For many, the fear stems back to a traumatic event involving a beautiful woman. Or, it can come from a history of negative social experiences with attractive women. Being forced to interact with these types of women likely results in poor social performance, which intensifies the venustraphobia. It also gives the sufferer yet another reason to avoid pretty girls.

If the phobic suffers from low-self esteem, one of the phobia’s root causes, that person would feel inferior around pretty women. Many venustraphobics begin treating their phobias by first tackling their low self esteem and fractured self-body image.

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