Most Bizarre Phobias

11. Dextrophobia

Look to your right. Did you see an object? If you’re panicking right now, you suffer from dextrophobia. It’s the irrational fear of objects situated to the right-hand side. This rare phobia is usually linked to an obsessive-compulsive disorder that triggers anxiety in a person when faced with objects on the right-hand side.


At work and at home, dextrophobics like to arrange everything to their left-hand side. And unless they work from home or have their own offices or cubicles, the workplace can be very terrifying for the dextrophobic. The public sphere isn’t any more safe. Some walk backwards or sideways to avoid looking at objects to their right, whether they are signs or lampposts. You can see how driving can also be scary and even dangerous.

Dextrophobia can be linked to various other underlying mental-health issues. Anyone suffering from it should seek professional help immediately.

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