Most Bizarre Phobias

14. Cynophobia

Some of us consider dogs to be man’s best friend. Who wouldn’t feel warm at the sight of a three puppies trying to squeeze into the same boot? Those with the most extreme cases of cynophobia, the fear of dogs. Often, this fear is linked to a traumatic event involving dogs.

Some have been attacked by dogs or seen a loved one get hurt by dogs. So, they associate dogs with evil and danger. Parents can also unwittingly instill a fear of dogs in their children by warning them to not pet dogs or approach them.

Considering the fact that it’s pretty damn hard to avoid a dog, people with severe cases can live very troubled lives. Their fears can negatively affect their relationships and occupations. Some dread the encounter so much, they avoid public places. In severe cases, people panic and think they’re going to die when they see a dog.

Some even lose their grip on reality.

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