World’s Most Extreme Celebrations

Celebrations are usually times when people get together with friends and family for drinks, food, and a few laughs. Maybe things get a little bit rowdy. But hopefully, nobody dies. That can’t be said for some festivities that are so outrageous they’re life threatening.

Ever think of riding a tree down a steep mountain or getting into a community-wide rock slinging fight? Or maybe you just want to celebrate Christmas by beating the crap out of that one family member you can’t stand. How about hitting your friends in the head with a bamboo sticks? And forget running with the bull. Do you want to chase one and wrestle it to the ground instead?

All are celebrations that happen once a year in some parts of the world that would make your craziest festival story seem like an elementary-school dance party.

So crack open a cold one and sit back in the comfort of your own home. You’re about to go on an exhilarating tour of the most extreme celebrations throughout the world.

Our first stop, Spain.

15. The Entroido Festival

The Entroido Festival is celebrated in the Spanish town of Laza to commemorate the beginning of Spring. The party lasts five days and it’s characterized by general mayhem. People run through the streets hitting each other with dirt, muddy rags, flour. And, oh yeah, bags of fire ants.

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On the Monday of the festival, people gather for a huge mud fight. Meanwhile, other villagers head over to the mountains to pick up fistfuls of fire ants and throw them into dirt bags. They then add vinegar into the sacks to rally up the fire ants. Afterward, they descend back to the town to throw the bags of fire ants at the villagers.

But wait, there’s more. In the middle of the mud swinging fire-ant fight, a partyer wearing a wooden cow mask runs around butting people and lifting women’s skirts.

So, yea. How “crazy” was your sping break again?

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