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Suggestive is all about the digital generation – we inspire, we ignite, we provoke, we unite… we share.  We spread information like wildfire. Our editorial staff consists of talented, inovative, absurd, crazy, and unfathomably brilliant people from all parts of the globe.

Our motto is reshaping digitalization; to share all there is to share.

What will you find on Suggestive.com? – Anything and everything.  

Jan Santos

Jan enjoys the perks of working as a writer as she dives almost full-time into life. She learned to write way before she learned to talk, but she’s fascinated with both written and spoken word just the same. Her three favorite things in life are food, ultimate, and her nephews – in no particular order.

Dmitriy Kharitov

A ninja, a pirate, and a writer are just some of the things Dmitriy wanted to be when he grew up. With no ships to sink, he opted for stringing words together into articles, while awaiting his induction into the secret ninja society. He was born and raised in NYC, which is not his fault, and is happily married, which is. When he’s not binge-reading fiction novels, Dmitriy can be found in his kitchen office, coffee in hand, vigorously typing away another news story.

Jessica Bedingfield

Jessica is a total geek. She wrote her senior thesis in college on political propaganda found in superhero movies. Yes, she did it for the popcorn. When she isn’t geeking out to Doctor Who, Marvel, or DC, she is hanging out with friends. She loves rock climbing and kayaking. Jessica loves to spend time with the two great loves of her life: Netflix and her god-dogs.


Javier Simon

Javier Simon is a freelance journalist living in New York City. He covers everything from entertainment to world issues for various news sites. His hobbies include going to rock concerts, watching horror movies, and eating stuff that’s really not good for you. He graduated in 2013 from SUNY Plattsburgh with a degree in Multimedia Journalism.




Caitlyn McDevitt

She got her start in writing when she was young, co-writing silly poems with her mom. After getting her hands on authors like Agatha Christie, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Diana Gabaldon, she become hooked on literature. In her spare time, she spends time with her fiance and their dog, Napoleon.

Nuur Hasan

Nuur is an optimist, a dreamer, and a cynic – Ironically, he is a software developer by profession. He thinks of reading as necessary for intellectual human evolution, and has been subsequently attempting to become a writer for years – gradually, he said, his writing has become less embarrassing. His other interests include designing, sports, and politics.

Walter Yeates

Walter graduated from East Carolina with degrees in Political Science and Philosophy. He enjoys working out, writing, and is trying to make his way into entertainment. When you read his articles you help boost his already inflated ego.

Kathryn Ann Metzger

Kathryn Ann Metzger is a freelance writer living in Atlanta. She enjoys writing just about anything – so long as it can entertain or inform her readers. Other than writing, her interests are in (and any combination of the following): making art, cats, blogging, comic books, and zombies.  She graduates from Kennesaw State University in May 2016 with an English degree and minor in Professional Writing.

Jamie Montgomery

Jamie is part of the creative team who manages the ever so brilliant writing staff. She has a life long passion for art and creative expression through any medium. Jamie has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is excited to share the wealth by coloring the audience with the most exciting, weirdest, most factual stories this world has to offer.


Wil Bartleman

Wil is the editor in chief of Suggestive.com. His duties include: burying the bodies, running through dark alleys, and wrangling rabid llamas. In addition to taking care of the dirty work, he’s responsible for ensuring our creative team stays on course for our path to success.