Most Bizarre Phobias

6. Ablutophobia

For these people, the bathtub becomes a place of horrors. And we’re not talking about your little brother. Suffered by many adults, ablutophobia is the abnormal fear of showering, bathing or washing. The phobia can stem from a traumatic experience in water such as nearly drowning. It can even be traced back to a fictional experience.

Many horror fans said they became spooked by bathtubs after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho.”

Some feel dizzy, nauseous, and shaky when water showers over them. So, they avoid showers and washing as much as possible. Obviously, it could lead to severe hygienic issues that would negatively affect their employment and relationships. But the loss of all that is nothing compared to the panic they face underneath a shower head.

This phobia is often treated through desensitization. People face their fears by taking baby steps. Therapists may encourage them to sit in a bathroom with the shower on. They relax while thinking positive thoughts. Some may even shower with the supervision of someone helping them cope with the anxiety.

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