Most Bizarre Phobias

4. Kathisophobia

Office work is a nightmare for these people. Like an actual, anxiety-driven nightmare that makes one break out in shakes and sweats. They suffer from kathisophobia, the fear of sitting down. That’s right. What most of us find comfortable and relaxing triggers paranoia in some. Every chair may as well be the electric chair.

Health conditions like hemorrhoids can make sitting down painful. Life is also very difficult to adapt to for people who have just been bound to wheelchairs. For others, the severe discomfort of sitting down is a lot less clear.

Some people feel trapped and anxious when they sit down for certain periods of time, even as short as 15 minutes. For some, sitting down for long periods of time may trigger feelings of shame because they feel they’re not getting enough exercise or are restricting themselves to a non-active position. This is sometimes seen in the elderly who feel sitting down is an unwanted reflection of their aging.

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