Most Bizarre Phobias

3. Chaetophobia

People with this phobia would probably tremble at being at a metal concert. Not because of rowdy drunks in the moshpit, but because of all that hair! Chaetophobia is the abnormal fear of hair. People suffering from chaetophobia have reported feeling nauseous just by touching their own hair.

Some particularly dread the sight of dropped hair. This means the barbershop becomes a house of horrors. It’s nothing like the happy place depicted in classics like “Barbershop 2.” Emily White from the UK said she cried at the sight of dropped hair in a bathroom.

And chaephobtoia is a nondiscriminatory fear. Curly hair, thick hair, loose hair. Anyone of these can trigger a panic attack. Even if it’s on a pet. Chaetophobia is often treated through behavioral therapy. People sometimes start by lightly touching their own hair before moving on to larger steps in overcoming their fears.

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