2018 Must Have Summer Gadgets For Traveling & Lifestyle

As the weather gets warmer and the summer holidays edge closer and closer, many will be eagerly awaiting their time away from the office. But packing up the family or even preparing lounging time brings with it a few challenges. From a stylish and comfortable toothbrush to a portable popular console you can bring anywhere, here is what you’ll need to enjoy the entire season.

Here are 7 favorite gadgets this summer:

photo: A Cup of Jo

1. Quip Toothbrush | $25-$50

Electric toothbrushes are way better at cleaning your teeth, but they can be bulky, inconvenient and expensive. So, a group of dentists and designers came together to create quip.

Includes the features you need and excludes those you don’t. With only one mode, gentle vibrations with no harsh rotations. Practical, reasonably priced, and still gives you the much-needed injection of futurism.

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