Most Bizarre Phobias

15. Food Neophobia

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably walked away covered in pees and broccoli after trying to feed your kid vegetables. But why do they despise greens so much other than the obvious? They may legitimately be afraid of them. Some psychologists call it food neophobia, the fear of new or unfamiliar food.

Psychologist John Prescott believes that developing food preferences is a natural stage in child development that happens around the ages of two and seven. He says kids may be tapping into a primitive survival strategy when they enter “a world of potential foods whose safety is uncertain.”

Because most green vegetables tend to have a hint of bitterness, kids’ taste buds may register them as potentially poisonous.  But food neophobia can carry into adulthood.

Some people refuse to eat what they didn’t make, or try exotic foods. And some of you badasses out there still don’t eat your vegetables.

Food Neophobia

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