Most Bizarre Phobias

17. Panphobia

Now that you’ve made it through this list, you have nothing left to fear but fear itself. And it’s out there. Panphobia is the fear of being afraid. Panphobics shiver at the thought of becoming afraid of an object or situation, and all the anxiety that comes with it.



Some people have multiple phobias, and panphobia terrifies them of developing more. Often, this phobia is triggered by internal thoughts and stimuli rather than something external. The fear lives in you, and it’s truly a terrible state to live in.

Symptoms include crying, sweating, shaking, screaming and other hysterical behavior – for no apparent reason. It plays out like a horror movie in your mind, and you’re every victim. In extreme cases, panphobics commit suicide.

Before panic spirals out of control, a panphobic should seek help from a therapist.

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