Most Bizarre Phobias

13. Alektorophobia

These people fear what goes “Cluck!” in the night. Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens, flying animals or feathered creatures. This fear can also extend to chicken eggs and feathers. The phobia may stem from an unpleasant experience with a chicken such as getting plucked by one at a young age.

The idea isn’t too farfetched considering many people grew up on farms surrounded by swarms of chickens. And anyone who’s seen a mass of live chickens knows they create a ruckus that can drive you pretty crazy. People with alektorophobia may think chickens are aggressive, evil, and conspiratorial.

According to, people with alektorophobia “may feel the chicken always has an eye on the patient when they are around.”

Even the thought of a chicken could cause anxiety and hysterical behavior.

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