Answering 16 of The Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions


The interview can be one of the most intimidating challenges of the job hunt. It’s the last hurdle you have to jump before landing your dream job.

You have to prove to the interviewee that you’re the perfect fit for the job. But with some practice, you can walk into your next interview with the confidence you need to smash the competition.

Start by thoroughly analyzing the job description. Then, look at your resume and take some time to reflect on your previous roles. Be prepared to use examples about how your previous job experiences and skill set will help you perform the role efficiently and push the company forward.

While every job interview is specific to the job and company you’re applying for, there are some questions you’ll almost certainly be asked. In this post, we’ll explore 16 of the most commonly-asked job interview questions and how to answer them like a pro.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Provide a brief overview of who you are professionally while emphasizing the skills and experiences that will help you excel at the job you’re applying for. Also, try highlighting your achievements in your current or previous role. Don’t talk about your out-of-work interests or hobbies unless specifically asked.


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