Answering 16 of The Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

6. Why Should We Hire You?


This can seem like an intimidating question, but it also gives you the chance to fire a job-snagging sales pitch. Talk about how you will draw from your experience in past roles to meet and exceed the job’s requirements, while making an overall impact on the business.

Keep the job’s top requirements in mind and deliver three to four examples of when you performed each task and achieved great results. This is where you showcase your professional greatest hits.

Acknowledge, however, that you obviously can’t speak for the competition because you don’t know their qualifications. But you possess some skill that others might not. For example, you may be applying for a computer programing role along with other candidates who are great at programing. You, however, may also have proven leadership experience in the field.

Photo edit by JS

Photo edit by JS

7. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

A lot of people leave their jobs because they have issues with their managers or coworkers. Gripe to your friends about it and leave all that steam at home. Never badmouth your employer or the people you worked with.

Instead, explain how moving away from your previous employer is a stage of progress. Be specific about how your skills would better serve this company and how the new challenges you’ll face will help you grow.

If you got fired, keep it to yourself unless you’re asked. At that point, be honest. Express that although you’re upset for being let go, you appreciated your time there and what you learned. Explain how these skills will help you excel in this new role and how you’ve learned from your mistakes.


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