Answering 16 of The Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

10. Tell Me About A Time You Expressed Leadership?


Just because you haven’t yet held a management position doesn’t mean you haven’t exercised leadership. Maybe you served as a leader to a co-worker. For instance, you may have given a new hire some advice which helped him or her improve. You can also draw examples from your educational experience. Be specific about how you led a team and achieved great results.

Highlight any professional experiences you have in leading others. If you were a sales manager for example, you may have helped turn around an underperforming sales team by improving specific aspects of their operation.

11. Tell Me About A Time You Failed

Everyone fails at some point (Even the person interviewing you). But don’t talk about a time where you failed and that was the end of the story. This is another opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Talk about how you failed but learned from that experience and are working to improve yourself because of it. Explain how what you learned would help you excel at the job you’re applying for.  Describe what you’re doing to avoid making that mistake again.


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