Answering 16 of The Most Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions

14. What Is Your Dream Job?


Employers want to know how motivated you are to perform the tasks at hand, and whether you’ll be happy to do so on a daily basis. So make sure your “dream job” reflects some aspects of the job you’re applying for.

It doesn’t have to be a specific position like Managing Editor or Account Executive. It’s your dream job and it entails whatever you want it to. So talk about the tasks that you like to do. Describe the company culture that you thrive in. Ideally, you want these to reflect the job you’re applying for.

Bonus points for inserting examples of how these advantages helped you achieve success in previous roles. For example, you may have worked at a job that struck the perfect balance between individual and team work. Explain how this setting helped you be more productive.

Alison Doyle, Job Searching Expert at, says your answer ultimately should “convey your long-term interest in a high-level position, without overshadowing your interest in the job you’re applying for.”

15. What Is Your Desired Salary?

Research the market rate for your job. Sites like GlassDoor and PayScale are great sources to find pay ranges for specific jobs in specific locations. Sometimes, you can find the specific pay for your title with your company.

If you find a general range, pick the highest based on your skills and experience. If you find that someone with the job title you’re applying for at a similar sized company makes a certain amount, try to identify the person ( i.e. Google: Jane Doe, PR Specialist, at Americorp.) and look him or her up on LinkedIn. Line your skills and experiences and see how they match.

However, always express that you’re willing to negotiate what’s reasonable based on what you can bring to the table.


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