Most Bizarre Phobias

5. Oikophobia

Most of us associate the home with comfort and security. But they can be really dangerous places if you think about it. The kitchen alone is filled with sharp objects that can kill you. All those handy appliances have to plug into something and that means they risk catching fire.


What about the dangerous chemicals you use to clean the house? Ingesting any one of them can land you in the ER. Or the morgue.

While most of us brush these ideas off and ask, what are the chances? Others think a typical home is a torture maze out of “Saw.” They suffer from Oikophobia. It’s the fear of the home or contents of a home like bathrooms, bedrooms, appliances, and electrical equipment

Being surrounded by these items can lead to breathlessness, inability to speak, dizziness and rapid heartbeat.

Home sweet home? Not a chance.

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