Check Out The Ghost Canoe

The transparent canoe is a mixture of technology, ingenuity, and simple fun that makes for an exciting new product.

Adventurers will have to a nice amount for this new piece of technology in the canoeing industry. The new transparent (ghost) canoe will cost approximately US$1,500 an average of US$400 over its opaque predecessors. However, the extra cost isn’t just for flashy look the see-through canoe brings. The science involved in creating the canoe is not only interesting it helped create a much improved product.

What Makes It Better?

Ghost Canoe

The transparent canoe is made with a polycarbonate shell, the same material made to make bulletproof glass; making the canoe more durable, stronger, and safer overall than a wooden canoe. A wooden canoe can dry rot, while a fiberglass based canoe can also break down over time. Of course the polycarbonate shell is far superior to an inflatable canoe which should be avoided in most cases. This gives the canoe a sleek design that will save consumers more money over time while also providing enhanced safety.

Despite being more durable the transparent ghost canoes weigh only around 40 pounds, compared to around 80 pounds of a typical canoe. Other canoes made of polyethylene weigh around 60 pounds and even rubber canoes (which are nowhere near as durable or safe) weigh on average 43 pounds. While this does not sound like a big deal, it allows for the canoe to be stored and transported with far greater ease than a number of its predecessors.

The canoe also allows for much easier navigation and the viewing experience can bring a whole new element to the experience. This allows for additional safety and an added element of fun for all on the trip. The ghost canoes come with additional balance measures, additional leg room, and can support around 425 pounds of weight. It’s reasonable to believe that these canoes will become quite common over the next few years displacing the now obsolete alternative forms of canoeing.

The transparent canoe can be found online and is definitely worth the investment if you are a canoeing enthusiast.

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