16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

3. Instable economic planning

Many people think Donald Trump is an absolute master when it comes to business. While there is no denying that he has made himself very very rich in the past three decades, he has made some pretty bad decisions along the way. Four of his companies have filed bankruptcy over the years. His daughter revealed that once he was in so much debt that he pointed out to a homeless man and said, “He is $8billion richer than me”.


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Trump doesn’t have a concrete economic policies. When asked compelling questions about policies, he is often abstract, even to the point of demeaning. He just states a wild theory with no solid foundation. That means extensive claims that may or may not work. Donald Trump says he will create more jobs for Americans by kicking out immigrants. But he fails to mention how he will control the higher wages American workers will demand. How will the business owners keep afloat with increased expenses? Will small and medium size business suffer greatly due to lack of cheap labor? – You bet they will. But how will Trump handle this? We haven’t got a clue.


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