16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

11. Freedom of press will be reduced

Donald Trump does not believe in freedom of speech – which is ironic since he takes ‘freedom of speech’ to an abusive level. He likes people submissive, inline and subjective to his views. He doesn’t like explaining his views logically, he likes to passionately speak them and expects everyone to make sense of it. In January Trump asked his supporters to “punch” his critics in the face. That shows how tolerant the guy really is.


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Speaking to a rally in February this year, he said that after becoming president he will ensure that “publication of purposely negative stories” stops through libel laws. In case you don’t fully understand what it means, Trump makes it very very clear for you:

“When the New York Times or the Washington Post writes a hit piece, we can sue them”.


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