16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

12. Cheap labor will no longer exist due to insane immigration laws, damaging businesses

You are told that immigrants are eating up on American jobs. That is not true. Immigrants and cheap labor are an integral part of United States economy. According to experts, immigrants work for lesser money and make more money for the business owners. In other words, immigrants make money, America makes more money and everybody wins.


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Economists say that if cheap labor is not available during these trying times of inflation, many businesses will run to the ground, and the country’s economy will collapse.  Owners simply won’t be able to afford operation without cheap labor.

Ever wonder what all the panic about Brexit is? Why is United Kingdom already lamenting its decision? – The reason is immigrants are actually useful for a country’s economy and not a burden like Trump claims. Trump says he will regulate immigration laws so there are no illegal immigrants. But what he actually means is that any non-white person won’t be able to enter United States.


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