16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

4. But we’d be ‘tight’ with Putin

The phrase “at least it’ll be cool with Vladimir Putin” can under no circumstances mean anything good. In case you didn’t know, Putin has endorsed president Trump already. Putin says he is a “fan” of Trump. And hearing this Trump couldn’t contain himself and said “the feeling is mutual”. Some say Putin wants Trump to become president so he can capitalize on the situation.


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Let’s face it Putin will eat Trump alive. His endorsement of Donald Trump is nothing but a clever ploy to make America weak.

In case you were thinking we are exaggerating Putin’s desire to see a President Trump, this is his statement:

“Donald Trump is a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt. It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.”


PHOTO: The Examiner


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