16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

15. Islamophobia would rise dramatically

Muslims in United States have suffered the brunt of hatred since 9/11. And to our dismay, things will go from bad to worse if Trump gets elected. He has openly stated that he will create a separate national database for Muslims only. He also says he will ruthlessly monitor and evaluate all mosques in United States, but that is not such a big deal since he says “we will be closing a lot of them down anyway.”


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Trump seems to think that all Muslims follow radical Islam and United States officially needs to recognize this fact. In November last year, Trump called for a ‘Muslim ban’; barring all Muslims from entering United States. Two months later he ‘acknowledged’ one of his supporters’ idea that Muslim women who wear Hijab should not be allowed to do government jobs. This caused an outrage amongst the Muslim community in United States.


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