16 Ways United States Won’t be the Same if Trump Becomes President

7. No more pro-choice

Pro-life vs. pro-choice is a long debate and we are in no position to give a verdict on that. The matter curtails to human life and nothing is hard-coded. But we thought include Donald Trump views regarding the matter of choice and life anyway. Donald Trump is strictly against abortions. He has stated it very openly. He also thinks abortions should be a punishable, reason he gave (literally): “you know, because I am pro-life, I always have been.” (Try and make sense of that).


PHOTO: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

The alarming factor is Trump’s aversion to even discussing about the issue. In 1999, he said he even felt “cringed” debating about the issue. He then went on to say that he hates everything related to abortion and he would like to see people stop the practice and stop debating about the practice as well.


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