History’s Most Outrageous Court Cases

5. Magicians and Their Secrets

Magicians and illusionists are known for doing some ridiculous stunts that leave people scratching their heads. A lot of people argue that the tricks are not real. Conspiracy theorists claim that magicians tap into dark magic and the occult in order to pull off their tricks. Others think magicians are playing God.


One man, Christopher Roller, sued both David Blaine and David Copperfield. Roller claimed that their tricks defied the laws of physics. The tricks therefore were a result of using God-like powers to pull off their stunts. As if that wasn’t outrageous enough, he claimed that he was God, so that means that the magicians stole his powers. It is not known whether the lawsuit for $50 million was ultimately successful, but it is a fair assumption that it was not.


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