History’s Most Outrageous Court Cases

10. Worst Breakup Ever

Chances are, you had the unlucky experience of having a really bad break up. You cry, eat lots of ice cream, or swear off dating for the next few weeks. If you lived together, you have to move out and decide who gets what. In this next case, the woman got the ultimate break up revenge.



During the course of their ten year relationship, Christopher Kelley and Melissa Cooper (pictured below together) had a child together. Kelley also had a child from a previous relationship. Cooper quit her job to take care of both children. Kelley even gave her a $10,000 engagement ring. He eventually left her. Cooper then sued him for breaking his promise to marry her and fraud. She was awarded $55,000 in damages. These are often referred to as “heart balm torts”. It seems that only a handful of states will actually let you sue for a failed engagement anymore.



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