Top 25 World’s Largest Armies

3. Russia

Even while facing the worst economic crisis since 2008, Russia is increasing the defense budget faster than ever before. Though it won’t ever become the largest, the military is mostly made up of offensive troops. Of course, since fear of a nuclear holocaust is the only universal motivation for peace, Russia will only use those offensive troops against non-nuclear nations.

  • Active Personnel: 3,312,000
  • Defense Budget: $46,600,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 57,000
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 3,790
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 3,547

2. China

China has one obvious advantage – a population of 1.3 billion. Its military is financed better then ever, though not good enough just yet. Most analysts believe it’s just a matter of time before China starts grabbing land, though most think they’ll out for buying/renting it. Either way, its military grows at an increasingly faster rate every single year.

  • Active Personnel: 4,612,000
  • Defense Budget: $155,600,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 24,000
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 1,770
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 2,942


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