Top 25 World’s Largest Armies

19. Poland

As one of the largest EU nations, Poland maintains a modern, well-equipped army. After Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, the Polish government made a huge effort to expand military capabilities. Though they still have much less active personnel then Russia, their troops receive superior training and use top-of-the-line equipment.

  • Active Personnel: 630,00
  • Defense Budget: $9,360,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 4,070
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 240
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 461

18. Egypt

Egypt is engaged in a constant struggle with internal extremist groups. As such, they’ve spent a large part of their budget on a small sector of their military – the special forces. Of course, Egyptian naval forces are still among the largest in the African region. Not too mention their unmatched fleet of armored vehicles.

  • Active Personnel: 1,270,000
  • Defense Budget: $9,360,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 21,600
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 240
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 1,110


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