Will Kesha Find Any Relief

Background Story

Kesha’s ongoing battle with Sony and Producer Lukasz Sebastian (Dr. Luke) came to a head several days ago after a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge ruled to uphold her contract with Sony. The legal battles have gone on for over a year, while Sony has offered to pair Kesha with another Producer, but her legal team has insisted that may not be enough to protect her from Dr. Luke. After the ruling the #FreeKesha hash tag took off on Twitter.

Many celebrities came out to support Kesha; some of which having worked with Dr. Luke in the past. Taylor Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha to help her through the court proceedings as royalties have been withheld from her during this legal battle.

Kesha claims to have been sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused by Dr. Luke over 10 years. Dr. Luke denies these claims and has taken his case to Twitter in recent days.

What’s Being Said

The comments made by Wendy Williams speak volumes. It’s not as easy as simply “rolling cameras” to catch sexual abuse. While the charges of domestic violence have not been proven in the court of law, such a sentiment is extremely tone death and shows a lack of understanding the trauma victims of sexual abuse endure.

Samantha Schacher, Grace Baldridge, and Hasan Piker of Pop Trigger did an outstanding job of speaking about the issue. Their commentary puts into prospective the plight that Kesha is currently in and how complicated the situation between she and Sony going forward.

This has become a public relations nightmare for Sony, yet they are such a financially stable situation that they can weather the losses resulting from any boycotts. Sony could have gone about addressing the situation in ways that did not allow this situation to become a national spectacle. The possibility exists that Sony could still do an independent investigation and come to an internal decision.

If Sony decides to allow the situation to continue on in the courts, it could do permanent damage to their brand going forward. More importantly, it could result in the truth never coming to light.

What Happens Next

For now the court proceedings will happen unless Sony decides to step in and dissolve Kesha’s contract. While it does seem there could be some sort of settlement between her and Sony, it isn’t the most likely outcome.

Whatever the outcome of this deeply complicated situation, it needs to bring about the truth and allow for Kesha to continue her career without any industry ramifications hanging over her head.


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