Top 25 World’s Largest Armies


India is the world’s largest Democracy with the fastest-growing economy. Its military boasts the second largest amount of active-service troops as well as the world’s most powerful naval fleet. India will continue to expand its army for as long as China does, in fear of an invasion. China wouldn’t get into a full-our war. But they possibly promised to take back a few disputed territories back from India.

  • Active Personnel: 3,432,000
  • Defense Budget: $40,000,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 21,750
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 292
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 2,089

4. United Kingdom

The only thing keeping the British military out of the top tree is a lack of raw manpower. As far as defense goes, the United Kingdom is the safest place i the world – it has more military capabilities per square mile than the rest of the world. The 150,000 troops are backed by $55 billion/year.

  • Active Personnel: 332,000
  • Defense Budget: $55,000,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 6,600
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 42
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 879


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