Top 25 World’s Largest Armies

12. Indonesia

Indonesia has been vigorously expanding the military in an attempt to catch up to China. Like most Pacific nations, it is among the most likely targets for an (apparently) offensive China. The island nation has created a fleet of coastal defense warships and supplemented it with the latest mine warfare technologies.

  • Active Personnel: 874,000
  • Defense Budget: $6,900,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 1,560
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 76
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 420

11. Israel

Ever since the young nation established its borders, Israel has been at war with each of its five neighboring nations. However, thanks to powerful allies, a large defense budget and a highly committed personnel, Israel emerged victorious every single time. Today, 1 out of every 9 Israelis are active military members – an ever-increasing ratio.

  • Active Personnel: 980,000
  • Defense Budget: $15,800,000,000
  • Armed land vehicles: 14,950
  • Multi-launch Rocket Systems: 48
  • Aircraft (fighters, interceptors, attack copters): 681


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