Nevada Caucus Riddled With Controversy

Organizational Problems

This was just one example of a Nevada Caucus event that was handled terribly. The footage Jimmy Dore of The Young Turks and The Jimmy Dore Show was able to witness should anger anyone that cares about the Democratic process.  Other Caucus events depended on card games to break ties and there were reports of many individuals registering to vote after they already voted in the Caucus.

None of this should be acceptable in a Democratic process. Unfortunately, there are many stories coming out of Nevada and there were also problems in Iowa as well. If states are going to run a Caucus there should be measures in place to make sure these embarrassing events no longer happen.

Unethical Behavior

At a large caucus at the New York casino Clinton staffers were wearing red t-shirts, despite the fact that Clinton has branded blue the entire campaign. Red is if course associated with National Nurses United, has been our color for years and well known in nurses campaigning for Sanders in red scrubs, red shirts, and even our red Bernie Buses that have been prominent in early voting states.

When our nurses walked into the room with cameras and a couple press the Clinton staffers ran over to the corner and quickly changed to blue shirts.

In our view they are trying to exploit the credibility of the nurses (just as Sanders is viewed as the most trusted candidate) to deceive voters walking into the caucuses. – National Nurses United spokesperson Chuck Idelson, statement to Raw Story

National Nurses United pledged their support to Senator Sanders last year, they were able to photograph the clear violation of ethics by the Hillary Clinton supporters.

With Secretary Clinton’s likability and trustworthy numbers constantly dropping, this does not do anything to help her campaign. As time goes on in the Primary cycle, it’s very possible that the Democratic electorate may grow weary of these tactics and completely rally behind Senator Sanders. As recent polls have already suggested, Hillary Clinton trails the majority of the Republican field in a General Election, while Senator Sanders defeats them.

False Accusations

The following tweets recap the entire situation quite well.

At this point the accusations did not even make sense, exit polling suggested that Senator Sanders won among Latino voters, therefore why would they shout such derogatory messages. situation would clear up shortly thereafter.

Actress Susan Sarandon would also tweet about the video on her Twitter.

The video proves that the chanting did not occur, Sarandon later reviled that America Ferrera (Clinton Surrogate) wasn’t even in attendance.

Finally, outlets Raw Story, Snopes, USUncut, and others published articles deeming Huerta’s claims to be completely false.

Now was this a mistake by Huerta or did something else come into play? Huerta is an outspoken Clinton supporter, yet a donation made several years ago from the Clinton Foundation to the Huerta Foundation is coming into question.

While the tweet comes from someone clearly supporting Senator Sanders, the document is indeed accurate and shows the donation.

The Clinton Family Foundation Archives

The Clinton Family Foundation Archives

This does not prove corruption, however it does paint a bad narrative for the Clinton Campaign and that perhaps they are using their influence to get Surrogates to launch negative attacks at the Sanders camp.

If this is any indication of what’s in story for the rest of the Democratic Primary, it will continue to get increasingly nasty.

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