15 Famous People Who Were Reported Missing

4. Harold Holt

This is perhaps the most noteworthy story on our list – a prime minister of one of the most developed countries the world vanished on December 17, 1967. His disappearance is not a mystery, however his fate is. The 59 year old premier of Australia was swimming at the beach of Cheviot Beach. The currents were rough and he ambitiously swam away from the shore. His friends and security detail kept on telling him to come back to the shore he continued to swim until he vanished.


PHOTO: The Australian

End story

Harold Holt was presumed dead after a massive search operation. There have been many theories about his disappearance. Some people question that did he fake his death, while others say he committed suicide. There have been several documentaries featuring different claims about Harold Holt’s disappearance.


PHOTO: Suggestive.com

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