18 Hilariously Weird Insults from Around the Globe

Everyone loves a good insult. There is something about a person with an accent that makes the sting extra special. Foul language and insults are the perfect way to spice up an otherwise dull vocabulary. It is even better when you add curse words on everyday items.


For instance, try calling someone a crap canoe. Watch us they scratch their head picturing what a crap canoe would look like. It’s not pretty. Then again, their yelling face is not pretty either.

There are few things more satisfying than hurling an insult at someone who wronged you. If you’ve got a particularly foul mouth, you have likely run out of insults to hurl at people. Some insults are just too hilarious. Others make you want to learn another language just to secretly curse out that neighbor who doesn’t pick up after their dog.

Do you want to get crafty with your next insult? Try some of these!

1. “She’s got a face like a bag full of spanners” -England


This insult leaves us with so many questions. What the hell is a spanner? Are their other measurements for spanners? Like, if she is really ugly does the bag become a tool shed?

In England, this insult is to call someone ugly.  A “bag full of spanners” means a bag full of wrenches. You are literally likening someone to wrenches. Pretty cool.

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