15 Famous People Who Were Reported Missing

14. Chelsea O’Donnell

Chelsea O’Donnell is the 17 year old daughter of the famous comedian Rosie O’Donnell. On August 16, 2015, she was reported missing. No one had seen her since Sunday and a report was filed on Tuesday. Desperate and scared, Rosie turned to social media for help. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts became full of her pleads, asking people for help in knowing her whereabouts.


PHOTO: Paul Zimmerman/Getty

End story

According to unverified claims, it was social media tip that helped her. Police found Chelsea a week later. She had been on the run with a 25 year old drug dealer Steve Sheerer – who had been booked for drugs possession n the past. She was with Sheerer by her will, there was no abduction or foul play.


PHOTO: dailyentertainmentnews

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