15 Famous People Who Were Reported Missing

9. J-Kwon

J-Kwon is a prominent rapper. He went missing in February 2010. His record label that came out recently became extremely popular. A missing person’s report was filed a couple of days after he was last seen. The record label Gracie Productions setup various social media accounts hoping to catch a lead. There was even a door to door campaign.


PHOTO: YouTube

End story

J-Kwon suddenly emerged on March 4, 2010. He said he had just seen media reports about him and decided to come forward. He claimed he was taking a quiet time out for himself and didn’t realize he would create such a panic. Many believe J-Kwon’s story was a publicity stunt since it didn’t make much sense. For starters, why would you disappear for 30 days without telling anyone?


PHOTO: Rapbasement

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