15 Famous People Who Were Reported Missing

1. Dorothy Arnold

Dorothy Arnold belonged to a wealthy family. On December 12, 1910, she disappeared. Her family was well known and famous, and her father was a prominent businessman and was a perfume importer. She left her family house to shop for a gown. She was attending a party next day and had left the house determined to buy suitable clothing – which was the norm for her. Dorothy Arnold was well-known and was spotted at various shops that day. However, she never came home.


PHOTO: Earle

End story

When she didn’t come home, her family grew worried and called their family attorney who started their own investigation. For unknown reasons Dorothy’s family didn’t contact police until six weeks. To this day, no one knows what happened to Dorothy that day. Some people say she committed suicide as she wanted to become a writer and her family won’t let her. Her father believed that she met with foul play when she was going through New York Central Park. A theory also suggests that she ran away from her family and lived out a quiet life.


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