15 Famous People Who Were Reported Missing

3. Philip Taylor Kramer

Philip Taylor Kramer was member of the band Iron Butterfly. He was also an academic star, he majored in aerospace engineering. He was founder of the Total Multimedia Inc., a leading multimedia company of its time. It seemed like Kramer’s life was going perfect. However in February 1995, things became peculiar.


PHOTO: Metamansion

Kramer made a mathematic discovery, a formula for transmissions at ‘faster than light’ speed. Right after his discoverer, he started acting strange. He called his former band members and told them he loved them. Then he called his wife and told her he will always be there. Finally, he called 911 and said “This is Philip Taylor Kramer, and I am going to kill myself.”

End story

A massive search was conducted but no one could find Kramer. Then finally in 1999, four years after his unpredictable disappearance, skeleton remains were found. They were positively identified as Kramer’s. His death was declared suicide. His family still disputes the claim citing he was perfectly happy with his life.


Kramer with his band mate Ron Bushy PHOTO: Pinterest

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