Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

8. Dog Food Tester

Admit it. At some point, you’ve wanted to try dog food.

Go ahead. It’s harmless. But wouldn’t you want to get paid to do it? Well, you don’t have to join the cast of a Jackass-style show. You can become a dog-food tester. These people taste every ingredient that goes into their company’s dog food, as well as the final product.

They test for aroma, taste, texture, consistency, and even color, which indicates freshness. Most dog-food testers spit out samples after analyzing them in their mouths. The most committed chow down the food before your pet does.

But dog-food testers don’t just nibble on puppy grub all day. They also write reports and they’re constantly researching new ways to boost the nutritional value of dog food, without sacrificing taste. And for all that hard work, you could be looking at a treat of up to $75,000 per year.

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