Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

10. Roller Coaster Tester

This one is perfect for all you adrenaline junkies out there.

You’ll never take a break from being extreme. Your day job would just prolong it. If you work as a professional roller-coaster tester that is. That’s right. You can get paid to do what people wait in long lines to do just once.

You can be like John Copper of the Drayton Manor Theme Park in the UK. His days consist of taking up to 100 roller coaster rides.

“I don’t think any other job could compare to this, it certainly wakes me up each morning.”

But the gig doesn’t come easy. Copper said he was promoted to the position in 2009 after having worked every department at the park. So, if you’re willing to dish it out as the hot dog guy at Six Flags, you can end up at the top of Kingda Ka, looking down on everyone – and getting paid to do it.

How much? Copper makes around $36,500 a year.

Of course it isn’t all fun and games. After all, you’re riding these metal behemoths in the sky to make sure they’re safe for the rest of us. If something goes wrong, you’ll be the first to experience it. So, of course you’re facing a certain degree of life-threatening risk every day.

But that just makes you more excited, doesn’t it?

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