Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

2. Professional Snuggler

Some of you are already experts at this. So, why not use your cuddling skills to snuggle in some cash? Professional snugglers charge around $60 per hour. As bizarre as it sounds, professional snuggling is an emerging industry in the US.

New Jersey based Snuggle Buddies employs more than 100 freelance snugglers throughout the US and the UK, according to CEO Evan Carp.

The practice can be traced back to Japan, which offers Snuggling Cafes. In Rochester, N.Y., two women founded The Snuggery to promote the scientifically-backed “psychological and physical benefits of non-sexual touch.”

However, the job isn’t as easy as it sounds. It could take an emotional toll.

Samantha Hess, founder of Cuddle up to Me, says many of her clients were physically abused or suffer from PTSD. Some face addiction and homelessness. They often open up to her about all their troubles. Sometimes, she returns to her boyfriend seeking the same comfort she offers strangers on a daily basis.

But if you can stomach all that, there may be some serious cash in store. Even Atomic Wings founder Adam Lippin has invested in the business with his start-up Cuddlist.

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