Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

5. Cremation Artist

This one is perfect for the tortured art student with the mysterious dark side. A cremation artist takes the person’s ashes and lets the imagination run wild from there. Ashes can be mixed with paint to create portraits, molded into sculptures, or used to make beautiful glass sculptures.

Ash can even be compressed into led for pencils. Who says you can’t ever finish that novel of yours?

The cool thing is that very little ash is needed to make most of these art works. What’s left is usually sent back to the family along with the work they requested. But if you really want to go baller and use someone’s ashes to make a diamond, you’re going to need to give up about a pound of the dearly departed.

Because diamonds are made from pressurized carbon, companies like Algordanza distill the carbon from ashes and pressurize it in a mold. The fine rock that’s pulled out is often blue because of certain chemicals in the body.

Diamonds truly are forever. And for a couple of Gs, you can be too.

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