Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

Everyone has to make a living somehow.

Most of us have pretty-typical jobs. Others have jobs that make you stop and say, “Wow. I guess somebody has to do it.” Still, other job titles can make you scratch your head and ask, “Wait. Does someone actually do it?”

If you think you can’t get paid for stripping at funerals, snuggling with strangers, or smelling people’s bad breath, think again. Did you watch Netflix recently? Somewhere, someone got paid to do it. Are you seeing dollar signs yet? Well, don’t sign that resignation letter just yet. There are tons of other weird jobs out there that might interest you.

Some of these are exciting. Others are nasty. Others are just plain weird. But you can bet they’re all real. Read on to learn more.

1. Professional Mourner

Can you cry on cue and convince people you’re truly sad?

Then, you might want to put that theater degree to good use by becoming a professional mourner. Get paid to cry and express grief at funerals for complete strangers, who would have liked bigger turnouts. Employees of Rent-A-Mourner in the UK can earn up to $68 for two hours of mourning.

They’re even briefed on the life of the deceased, so they can mingle with funeral goers as if they actually knew the dearly departed. The profession is fairly new in the West, but it has been practiced in parts of Africa and Asia for generations.

In Taiwan, top-tier mourners like Liu Jun-Lin can earn up to $600 per gig. Her performance is complete with a band, dance, and her signature wailing which she delivers as she crawls toward the coffin.



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