Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

6. Chicken Sexer

Job description of chicken sexer is to look at ‘junk’ all day long – literally! But it is not human privates he
or she has to observe. A chicken sexer has to sort through chickens and hatchlings based on their
gender. Large poultries all around the world hire chicken sexers. The need for separating male and
female chickens comes from the fact that there are two feeding programs. One feed is tailor made for
cocks and the other for hens; because hens lay eggs.

If you think this is an easy job, you are mistaken. It requires hours and hours of standing, concentrating,
observing and sorting. A sexer normally has to see more than one thousand chickens during the course
of the day. In Japan, there is even a competition of chicken sexing. The record stands at sorting 1,682
chicks per hour without mistakes.

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