Bizarre Jobs that Actually Exist

7. Breath Odor Evaluator

The next time you’re chewing a piece of minty-fresh gum, remember that someone had to stick their nose in somebody’s mouth to make sure your gum worked. A breath odor evaluator is hired by manufacturers of products such as mouthwash, gum and mints to make sure they’re effective in eliminating bad breath.

In tests, the evaluator typically smells someone’s breath after the subject has eaten foods such as onions or garlic. The subject’s breath is smelled again after use of the product being tested. The evaluator then makes his recommendations.

Openings for breath odor evaluators are extremely limited. However, they typically make a salary in the low six-figure range considering you would need a background in halitosis (breath odor) research. If you become one, try telling people you specialize in halitosis research. It rolls off the tongue better than, “I smell other people’s breath for a living.”

You may even end up in a university research team using grant money to study the causes of bad breath – hopefully beyond the obvious. The organization recognizing this body of work is the International Society for Breath Odor Research.

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