Four Ways to Make the Dog Days of Summer More Memorable

With only a few weeks left, there are still ways to make this summer one of the most memorable summers yet. Even if you can’t beat the heat, and classes are about to start soon, do these four things to make summer 2018 the most epic summer ever.

Take a Road Trip!

It’s really easy to worry about how much money you have and not take the road trip, but it’s time. You need to TAKE THAT ROAD TRIP! There is nothing better for the spirit than cruising down the highway and listening to your favorite tunes. Even if you go just a few hours outside of your city, it can still feel like a grand adventure. It’s likely you’ll meet new people to learn from, find new food worth trying, and new trails to blaze. When you look back on the summer, you’re going to be glad you just got up and drove.

Take Lots of Photos!

It’s no doubt that it’s enjoyable to look back on the memories of summer through photographs. So take all the selfies, capture all the moments, and don’t miss a thing.  Just don’t forget to remember to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. You have to strike a good balance between how many photos you take and actually enjoying the moment. When you start to get the inkling that you’re on your looking through your phone screen than directly at the scenery around you, it’s time to put the phone down.

Visit all the Museums and Galleries!

You might not even realize all the hidden gems just within in your beautiful cities limits. Museums and art galleries are a great way to learn about the city you live in as well as the world around you. So get out there and get your mind intellectually stimulated. You won’t regret it.

Read a Book!

When you think summer, beaches are usually one of the first things that come to mind. If you’re a total beach bum, making sure you have a book as good company is a must. To make it your best summer ever, you’re going to want to find a book that makes your heart soar inside your chest. So take yourself to the library and find some noteworthy reading.


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