Tips to Pack Your Makeup for Travel

No matter the destination, packing can be such a stressful endeavor. It’s a constant struggle to balance meeting TSA requirements with the desire to bring every lipstick shade you have. Even after you have packed everything, you always dread that initial opening of the luggage. You don’t want to be that person who opens their makeup bag or toiletry bag to find that an expensive $50 dollar hair treatment product exploded all over their clothes. If you’re like me, then such a sight makes you just want to zip the bag back up and hope it goes away.

In order to prevent that crisis, here are ten tip for packing your beauty and makeup products for travel.

1. Fuzzy socks are not just for feet.

I personally love to bring eye shadow palettes on trips. It saves more room than lugging individual eye shadows. The best way I found to transport theses beauties (which cost me on average about $55) is to slip each one into a fuzzy sock. It cushions the potential impact of travel, and it keeps them all tucked in. If you don’t have any, the dollar store sells them for cheap. When you reach your destination, the socks can go back to their intended use and warm up your feet.


2. Bar soap containers

Not everyone uses bar soap to clean themselves, but having a travel container meant for soap is a great help. These little guys are the perfect size for storing and transporting cotton swabs and cotton rounds, which many people use in their daily routine. Sure you could just use a plastic bag, but the plastic container will prevent the cotton rounds from getting misshapen in travel. If you use a bar soap, they double as a handy storage container for the trip home when the soap is all wet.


3. Makeup Brushes

Often one of the hardest things to travel with, makeup brushes can easily get misshaped in your bag. Purchasing brush guards can be very useful. A good makeup traveling case can also help keep everything organized and your brushes safe. If I am not just driving to get to my destination, I will just take a hair tie and fastened them together before storing them in my makeup bag. If you are a makeup brush junkie who is flying, try this the one pictured above from Sephora.

4. What to take

As any makeup obsessed person will confess, it is hard to pack only the essentials for travel. (Essentials? Are you crazy- I need everything!) If you’re going on a trip with your significant other, you might want more sultry makeup. What about a hot climate? What if the weather is unpredictable? The best advice is to pack multi-purpose products. Palettes are a great option, whether it is eye shadow or blush/contour. Less products that you take with you, the less you have to worry about them breaking, getting lost, or pushing you over the weight limit. Pack only one foundation-the best one you have. Try to pack only one of everything, and throw in just one fun lipstick or eye shadow shade just in case.

5. Layers

Think of when your parents yelled at you to put on more layers when you were a kid to protect yourself from the cold wind. It made the harder for the cold to get to your skin. Just like your bundling up for winter weather, packing your makeup in layers is key. This is packing 101 for any fragile item, but makeup is often overlooked. Cushion your toiletry bag in between clothes to increase your chances of preserving your expensive beauty items.

6. Glass

In case you weren’t aware, glass breaks. (Forgive the obvious). That being said, some people don’t think twice about throwing their glass bottle foundations into their luggage. While the glass is thicker on these bottles, use caution when packing them. Better yet, try for a foundation in a cushion compact. Several companies are coming out with them recently. The packaging is sturdier and the liquid won’t spill because it’s sucked up into a cushion. Another option is opting for a foundation in a squeeze tube. Just reminder to follow number 7 when doing so.

7. Plastic bags

Plastic bags are a travelling basic. Lotions and other products in plastic containers are more likely to burst open during a flight or when travelling through places with a high altitude. Putting your liquid products in separate bags will prevent the product from leaking over everything and creating a mess. Again, I would personally like to avoid having to clean up after travelling for several hours. When you’re that tired from a flight and you see that something burst, you will thank your earlier self that you put everything in its own bag.

8. Pressed Powders

Pressed powders are not a fan of travelling, especially if they are in flimsy packaging. They can break easily as a result. There is a way to fix them, but it is a bit of pain to do so. The best advice is to travel with a loose powder for your foundation or setting powder. Obviously, the powder is already loose and broken up, hence the name. It’ll save you time and energy later. Just make sure the lid is tightly secured to avoid powder getting everywhere.

9. Travel bottles

Another tip that sounds obvious but deserves to be stated is to use TSA approved travel bottles. Taking huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc. can take up too much space and weight in your luggage. Likewise, buying travel sizes of your favorite products are often not worth the price. It’s cheaper to just buy the refillable bottles and fill them up from your own supplies.

10. Essentials should go in carry-on

Either you’ve heard the horror stories, or it has happened to you. Losing your luggage is never fun especially when you are carrying an $80 face cream that you can’t get in the country that you are traveling to. Even if you don’t shell out a lot of money for a product, it can be hard adjusting without it. It sounds pathetic, but losing the best tweezers you ever used can be quite annoying. Particularly when you lost it through no fault of your own. Always pack the essentials in your carry on, but make sure that it meets TSA requirements.

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