The 15 Highest Rated TV Shows of All Time

The Magic of Television

Many use Television to escape from their lives, unlike movies Television allows you to wonder into the lives of characters for years at time – unless a film invests in multiple sequels! Whether a show embarks upon investigating serious topics or simply provides a mindless comedic distraction there’s always something for everyone!  However, it becomes difficult over time to measure which shows were the most popular, critically acclaimed, and can stand the test of time.

Every film is a remake of a previous film, or a remake of a television series that everyone loved in the 1960s, or a remake of a television series that everyone hated in the 1960s. Or it’s a theme park ride; it will soon come to breakfast cereal mascots. – Alan Moore EDIT BY JME

The following list was compiled using several different rating measures to judge which Television shows were the highest rated of all time. This aggregate methodology is the best method to use in order to get an accurate representation of  the popularity of differing shows. Raw viewership is nearly impossible to get a complete estimation of despite the best efforts from companies like Nielsen.
However, with the thousands of television programs that have made it to the airwaves narrowing down the list to fifteen was entertaining and allowed for a learning experience to pass along to readers!
What television gets to do, and there’s a reason why ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ works as well as it does, is that it deals with the relationships. It deals with the very small, interpersonal ways that people both love and hate each other. – Jeffrey Bell
The following is a list of the 15 highest rated television shows of all time!

15. The Walking Dead

While still in the prime of its legendary run, The Walking Dead is on a historic path. The zombie apocalyptic drama has captured the imagination of audience since it stormed the airwaves  in October 2010. From the detail that goes into the on screen locations, to the texture of the zombies, and the statements it makes about the human condition – The Walking Dead is a program that will not be forgotten! EDIT BY JME EDIT BY JME

While nearly every member of the original cast has been killed off – the show has been a smashing success. From ratings, to social media involvement, to selling of merchandise the franchise has the opportunity to spawn further spin-offs. Fear The Walking Dead is primed to be another success story, there’s really no limitations to how far The Walking Dead can carry on!


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