15 Compliments You Need To Be Giving Your Wife

Complimenting your wife can go one of two ways. It can turn her frown into a happy glow or it can make her want to hit you over the head with a frying pan. While no one is advocating for violence against husbands, sometimes the words just don’t come out right. Perhaps, while the compliment was being uttered the eyes were rolling or you were looking at the hot twenty something walking down the road as you said “honey you look hot!” In that case you might deserve to get a wallop of some sort. Nonetheless, compliments only work if you use them with precision timing, the correct non-verbal cues and an undeniable tone that emits the absolute truth. -And we’re here to help.



Marriage never gets easier and if it does that simply means you are not working hard enough. Complementing your wife can help you step up your game immensely. No one is saying that you need to be throwing out compliments as fast as bunnies reproduce, remember it is not about quantity, it’s about quality. Be genuine, don’t say anything unless you mean it or your wife’s radar will go off on you faster than you can flip a pancake. A huge percentage of communication does not come from your lips, but from all of your other non-verbal clues. This means that you need to make sure your eyes, legs, arms and even your big toes are all working together. One false compliment and she will know. Woman have that famous intuition.

1. This Dinner is Really Good, Can You Make it Again Sometime?

Your wife has just been in the kitchen working for at least an hour in order to prepare a terrific meal. If you really loved it then by all means let her know. Phrase it anyway you want as long as you avoid the compliment turning into constructive criticism.

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Avoid saying “This dinner was great an all, but wouldn’t it be even better if you-?” Stop right there. If your sentence is going to contain the word “but” you would have been better off sewing a zipper onto your lips and zipping it shut. If you can do it better, offer to cook next time. While still complementing her, say something like, “Honey this was great,” (add something you liked especially) I LOVED how the ribs just fell off the bone. I want to make YOU something tomorrow so you can relax.”


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