15 Awesome tricks you can easily teach your dog

Teaching dogs tricks is a great way to have fun while helping your pooch build its strength and athleticism. And dogs can do so much more than the typical “sit,” “play dead” and “roll over.” They can learn how to skateboard and shoot hoops.

Beyond impressing your friends, some tricks can also make your life easier. What if your dog could use the toilet or pick up his own toys? It can be taught. And you don’t need help from a super-expensive dog trainer. These tricks can be taught at home. All you need is a bit of drive and a bag full of doggy treats.

Read on to learn about awesome tricks you can easily teach your dog.




1. Dancing

Crank up the tunes, because it’s time for your doggie to bust some moves. Teaching your dog to dance would help him develop balance and build his leg muscles.

Start by commanding your dog to sit. Then, hold a treat in front of its nose. Slowly raise it above and over your dog’s head. Repeat a command such as “up” and raise the treat higher until it raises its hind legs. Once your dog has good balance, hold the treat in front of his nose and turn it around his head until he moves in a circle.

This trick is not ideal for larger dogs or those who suffer from their hind legs. Also, be careful as your dog may fall forward while trying to balance. If you’re not too quick on your feet, you may be in for a tackle.




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